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Receipt of signals

  • The receipt of signals, trade tips, advice, and any other communication from GoldCrudeResearch, are subject to availability of the customers’ preferred device of communication.
  • GoldCrudeResearch uses a fast international SMS Gateway and possesses the requisite technology and infrastructure to communicate with all of its customers in a timely manner, and has evidence to back up its claim of having done so consistently.
  • GoldCrudeResearch will not be responsible for any lack of communication arising due to unavailability of services on customer devices due to issues with the provider(s), power (and/or battery life), device infrastructure (such as features to receive SMS and calls, and/or open documents sent by GoldCrudeResearch).
  • In the event that a customer does not receive communication from GoldCrudeResearch, the onus of bringing this to GoldCrudeResearch’s notice is on the customer. We regularly conduct customer satisfaction surveys but we would like to let customers know that they need not and definitely should not wait for these surveys to air their grievances. We have nice and proper support team that burns the midnight oil to serve you round-the-clock – i.e 24x7. They would feel quite bad if you didn’t give them work – even if they don’t we definitely will, as we’d like to pay them for work done, and we pay them quite a lot - so please help us out here. All said and done, it is the customer’s responsibility to contact us if the signals are not delivered.

Investing Responsibly

  • Trading opportunities are not birthrights – they are privileges and are extremely time-sensitive. We use the word privilege just like Wall Street uses the term insider information – something we must treat with utmost care and respect. So if you miss the opportunity, it is really not GoldCrudeResearch’s fault. You must be ready to dedicate the kind of time it takes to truly exploit the opportunities presented by GoldCrudeResearch’s trading tips.
  • Secondly, trading tips are also affected by market conditions, sentiments and sometimes some completely unrelated factors, the biggest of which is really fear. Why we say this is because while our tips are quite accurate, with historical performance ranging in the high 90’s in terms of percentages, we are not Sybill Trelawney associates (who was a right old fraud apart from her prophecy about Harry) – so we can’t make prophesies. You must also do some basic research yourself and stay up-to-date in terms of news and events that affect the markets. Else you would be no different from the feckless speculators who bought stocks with their life savings because a friend of their cousin’s pawn broker’s brother’s sister’s grandad said they’re going to rise.
  • If the reward is high, the risk is also commensurate – choose wisely – you know what they say about the bird in hand and the two in the bush. By subscribing to GoldCrudeResearch’s signals you acknowledge this risk and agree that you will take cognizance of the possible losses you may incur, and will also exercise the prudence that is required to make money in commodity, forex, and index trading.
  • We promise to do our research well, diligently and exhaustively – but war and peace are no mere novels. It is a way of life and both war and peace affect investments and investment opportunities. What you receive from us is a calculated indicator and not a judgment handed down on a commodity, currency pair or index. It may move either way and it is your responsibility to enter at the right price and exit before you lose your gains or more than just that.

When sharing is not caring

  • While we are not artists – and hope we will never get to be an Enron, our work is valuable – and we charge the subscription fees so we can profit from our capabilities and invest more in them, so we can deliver better experiences for our customers.
  • By subscribing to our services which are defined “here” you agree to use them as per the terms of use, found “here”, and will not share information with anyone else.

Terms of Use

  • Let’s face it – we’re in the age of piracy where aXXo’s and KickAss’s Torrents are more popular than the folks who put together the masterpieces that these guys pirated. So it is but natural that we try our best in creating a water-tight ten commandments for you to abide by, which you agree to do automatically when you subscribe to our services.
  • What they are:
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