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Partner Program

Call it partner, call it affiliate, the objective is the same – to give you incentive to bring us more faces to put smiles upon. Let’s face it – there’s no greater joy than that of a little more money – Yes, we have values and standards to live by but who wouldn’t be happier if they were richer? We call it the MHB – or Maslow’s Hierarchy Boost. Once you’re reassured about your physiological and security needs, you can keep your focus on the self-actualization and finally the dream goal of the sixth step – Transcendence.
Coming back to money, you get us customers and we’ll pay you for it – but there’s a catch. It’s our values and standards that we live by.

Pre- conditions

  • Thou shalt stick to facts
  • Thou shalt not defraud
  • Thou shalt disclose risks
  • Thou shalt not have conflict of interest
  • Thou shalt screen customers too
  • Thou shalt swear by your money
  • Thou shalt keep secrets

5 Ws and H

Quite simple – we give you complete knowledge of how we bring smiles to our customers. You spread the word and we’ll pay you for life. You can get up to 40% of the post-tax profits on the revenues generated by each of the customers you bring in. It’s almost sweat equity.

You, if you have knowledge and experience in our lines of business and have the investment potential required to generate business for us. If you think you’d be able to by making a few high-pressure sales pitch videos and slick looking landing pages, we’d like to inform you otherwise. We’re not the digital product that affiliate marketers gush over. There’s a significant opportunity for profiting, as well as significant risk and compliance requirements as well.

All over the world – but firstly where we have support services, but we’re not restrictive. So long as the laws of the land allow for our signals and services to be delivered, it is a geography we’d be interested in. Furthermore, if you can make it worth our while, we’ll also provide niche services to the customers you bring in, from support to even tailored products and services.

Right after we verify your candidature and you pass the interviews and background checks.

You make an application online here, along with a resume and a brief explanation about why you want to become a GoldCrudeResearch partner. The reason we ask this is because our subscriptions are pretty niche and require a lot of explanation and answering of questions on the fly. All of our training may not prepare you for the torrent of questions from prospective customers. So we tend to prefer those with a strong background in investment, investment advisory, brokerage and similar lines of business.
Once your resume is shortlisted, we’ll conduct a couple of interviews, one with one of our senior service delivery managers, followed by a top-management interview. If you get their recommendation, you get your partner kit which comprises the following:

  •   Corporate membership as a partner – this includes ‘p-‘ email id, a customized microsite, and access to our cloud-based tools
  •   Marketing tools – customizable brochures, flyers, emailers, slide-decks, and other printable material that you can use
  •   Digital assets to help you set up your own website, social media presence etc.
  •   Dedicated support – partners have a dedicated support team for themselves to get answers quickly and efficiently. Since the importance is timeliness, we also extend support via instant messenger on Google Talk, Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger and Windows Live.

Role of a Business Associate

As a Business Associateyou would be a part of a fantastic growth story of this highest growing sector in BFSI segment – Financial Advisory Business

  1. Understand the products profile and KRAs of the advisory business
  2. Refer a list of clients who trade in Equity, commodity, currency market and could take our advisory services
  3. Be in constant touch with your Relationship manager for an update on the clients you have referred.
  4. Attend period training session on Effective Business communication by Gold Crude Research Training Team.

Partner Enquiry

Who Can join

Serial Entrepreneurs who wish to make it big in life and be a part of a multi billion dollar Advisory business:

  • Mutual Fund Advisor
  • Insurance Advisor
  • Sub Broker
  • Main Brokers
  • Dealer/ Relationship manager of a broking company
  • Portfolio Advisors
  • Financial Planners
  • Students
  • CA, CS, Lawyer
  • Post office agent
  • Employees of an Financial Advisory company.

or anybody who wishes to be a part of our business Associate program and has a good client base who trades in the markets
Feel free to contact us for Further Details

A simple process flow to get recognized as our Business Associate


At Gold Crude Research we believe in growing together and a team work growth model, we believe eligibility is not in papers but in thoughts and willingness and wish to partner with all those hardworking channel partners who seriously wish and want to make it big in life.

Who can become a Business Associate :-

  • Mutual Fund Advisor
  • Insurance Advisor
  • Sub Broker
  • Main Brokers
  • Dealer/ Relationship manager of a broking company
  • Portfolio Advisors
  • Financial Planners
  • Students
  • CA, CS, Lawyer
  • Post office agent

or anybody who wishes to be a part of our Business Associate program and has a good client base who trades in the markets

Joining requisite

  1. Minimum qualification 12th standard or equivalent examination from an institution recognized by the government for an individual/partners/directors.
  2. An individual person or firm ' fit and sound' for an agreement
  3. Applicant must be above 18 years.
  4. Applicant must be having a strong network of traders, so that they can earn handsome amount.
  5. Applicant will have capability to utilize their Goodwill.
  6. It has not been adjudged bankrupt or a receiver order in bankruptcy has been made against him or he has been proved to be insolvent even though he has obtained his final discharge.
  7. It has compounded with his creditors for less than full discharge of debts.
  8. It has not been convicted of an offence involving a fraud or dishonesty.
  9. Having sound relation with clients.

Joining documents

  1. Business Associate application form with 2 photographs
  2. Business Associate Agreement printed on 10 INR Stamp Paper. (Send 2 original copies).
  3. Undertaking on Letter Head.
  4. One Cancelled cheque for incentive payout ( preferably Axis bank account)
  5. Address proof.
  6. Pan card clear photo copy.
  7. Educational qualification mark sheet photo copy.

Feel free to contact us at associate@


The rewards are as great as the risks – if not greater. The rates are applicable for the entire duration that the customer remains subscribed with us

Monthly Gross SALES Post Tax Incentive Slab
Up to $15,000 20% post-tax profit
US$15,000 - $30,000 25% Post-tax profit
US$30,000 - $70,000 35% Post-tax profit
US$70,000 – US$250,000 40% Post-tax profit
US$250,000 – US$500,000 60% Post-tax profit
US$500,000 and above 75% Post-tax profit

Terms & Conditions

By subscribing to the GoldCrudeResearch partner program, you accept the following terms and conditions:

Security Deposit

  • The US$ 20,000 security deposit is to be paid upfront and will remain in the possession of GoldCrudeResearch until the end of your partnership with us.
  • No interest will be paid on the security deposit during the tenure of the membership or afterwards.
  • You will be subject to a partner agreement which will outline your responsibilities, as well as your day-to-day functioning as a partner of GoldCrudeResearch.
  • If the partner rescinds the contract within the first three years, a processing fee of 15% will be deducted from the security deposit. For rescindment after 5 years, the processing fee will be 10%.
  • The refund of the deposit will be made 20 days after the subsequent commission pay-date
  • If any charges are incurred on refunds to customers after the rescindment of the contract, the charges incurred will be deducted from the security deposit before refund to the erstwhile partner


  • All commissions are computed on a quarterly basis and are paid on the 10th day of the month after the quarter has ended. For example, the commission for Q3 of FY 16 will be paid on 10th January. If the commission pay day is a holiday, the payment will be made on the previous or subsequent working day, as feasible.
  • If the partner rescinds the partnership by mutual agreement with GoldCrudeResearch before the end of a quarter, then the commissions payable for the quarter will be paid on the commission pay day of the current quarter.
  • If there are any cancellations of subscriptions where there is a refund policy (such as premium Superior and Tycoon), the cancellation fees and processing charges will be deducted from the commission of the subsequent quarter. If the partner rescinds the contract before such cancellation, the same will be deducted from the security deposit before the refund is made.

Customer acquisition

  • The partner shall follow all the regulatory compliance requirements during the process of customer acquisition. This includes
    • Background checks
    • KYC information collection
    • KYC information validation
    • Verification of references
  • The partner shall submit documentation for scrutiny only after fulfilling the above criteria and submitting a declaration that the above compliance requirements were fulfilled.
  • The partner will also be held responsible for any misconduct in verification, or misinterpretation of customer KYC information
  • GoldCrudeResearch requires complete disclosure of risks and the terms and conditions of the GoldCrudeResearch products and services. The partner will be responsible for making all said disclosures.
  • In the event of any litigation arising out of acts of omission or commission on the part of the partner, during the customer acquisition process, the partner agrees to indemnify GoldCrudeResearch in totality, including but not limited to legal fees, damages, loss of revenue, incarceration or any other penalty, fines, or punishments that may arise out of said litigation.
  • Once the customer documentation is submitted to GoldCrudeResearch for creation of accounts, the partner shall not maintain any copies of KYC information of the customers without explicit written consent from both the customer, as well as GoldCrudeResearch. In the event that the partner is found to be in possession of said information, the partner will be liable to prosecution for violation of the privacy policies as well as breach of faith, to the fullest extent permissible by law.

Use of materials

  • Upon commencement of the partnership with GoldCrudeResearch, the partner will receive access to marketing collateral including but not limited to brochures, product definitions, presentation slides, email and newsletter templates, and other content that can be utilized to acquire customers. The partner shall not alter them in any way other than described below
    • Fill up the areas designated for partners to fill in their contact information
    • Update locations of operations based on the partner’s geography
  • The partner shall most certainly not alter the above mentioned collateral to reflect any other business entity, person or authorized representative.
  • Further, the partner shall not share any part or whole of said collateral with any person who is not a prospective customer of GoldCrudeResearch.
  • The partner shall not use said collateral to send unsolicited messages to any person. If any compliant of such unsolicited contact is received by GoldCrudeResearch, the partner’s contract is liable to be terminated, and the partner subject to legal action initiated for material damage caused to the image and goodwill of GoldCrudeResearch.
  • The partner shall ensure that the content of the collateral not in conflict with any provisions of the law in the geography of the partner’s operation. If any such conflict or error is discovered, the partner shall immediately communicate the same to the GoldCrudeResearch Partnership Manager assigned to the partner. Failure to do so will be consider a failure of the partner in achieving geography-specific regulatory compliance.
  • GoldCrudeResearch will provide adequate support to all its customers, but the Partner must be available to his/her customers as a first line of support and will be accountable for the timely resolution of any issues that customers may face. The GoldCrudeResearch dedicated partner support team will help partners in every feasible manner but the onus of bringing issues to the support team’s notice is on the partner unless the customers contact support directly. Partners are responsible for making it amply clear to customers that they can escalate their support issues to the partner, so they can avail of their dedicated support team to resolve problems quickly.
  • The Partner shall keep communication channels open. GoldCrudeResearch requires Partners to maintain dedicated phone and email contact options available for GCR customers. These phone lines and mailboxes must be manned during the business hours of each of the markets that the Partners’ customers operate in. Further, the Partners are required to respond to customer queries based on priority,
    • Within 24 calendar hours for Low Importance
    • Within 16 hours for Medium Importance
    • Within 4 hours for High Importance
    • Within 30 minutes for Critical
I Agree Terms & Condition